3D rendering is a process of creating 3D images using computer software’s, 3ds max, vray,Sketchup, AutoCAD.  It is a time- consuming process is based on technology. The process includes 3D modeling, the setting of materials, lighting and finally rendering the image. 



The 3D rendering process has many stages like observing the demand of the client, then modeling it in 3D, texturing, lighting, rendering, refining and delivering. The process is  step-specific; an artist is followed the steps . Apart from this, studying the client’s Prospects  is an indispensable element during the whole process until the outcome is ready.


Comprehending the client’s imagination behind the project is the most crucial thing before starting it. No artist can deliver quality outcome without understanding the project thoroughly. The sketch and reference image provided by the client are observed before working on the project. The views and angles of the project are based on the 2d plans mentioned in the agreement.


3D modeling software is used by digital artists to create the virtual model, this step is similar to the construction of physical entities. Just the fact is that existence will be virtual in 3D modeling, which is done by 3D modeling software.


Texturing is done to add realistic effect to 3D models. The artist applies texture in the images in a very subtle way to make it look more engrossing and authentic. Just similar to painting a physical model, the array of color pixels are added in the 3D model to make it look alive.


The 3D artist has a purpose behind focusing on lights in 3D scenes; it is to imitate real lights in the imagery. Just like the photographer and cinematographers adjust the adequate amount of light while shooting, the same thing is done virtually by 3D artist


Now, the actual rendering process begins after generating 2D images from the model. It is similar to clicks photographs of tangible models, but it is the only way to present virtual models that exist in the rendering software.


There is no specific time frame in which the whole rendering process can be finished. It can take anywhere between some seconds to many days, it depends on the intensity and depth ofthe project. It can be simply accomplished by a computer, but in case of large scale projects, large rendering computers called render farms are used.


The draft of low quality renders will be presented to the client for the feedback for convenient revision. Usually, scenes, texture, and lights are revised repeatedly in the process until an impeccable outcome is ready. The best thing while making changes is that it is unrelated to each other. Change in one element will not affect the other change or create the requirement for any update.


When the 2D image is finalized, it is provided to the client as per the agreement. The images must be in the desired resolution and in a specific format which will be supported at the time of displaying them to clients. From the deadline to the quality of the image, everything in the entire project is done based on the agreement with the client.

Some of the major industries that we have served are:

·     Real Estate: Our team ensures that the renders create & showcase complete details in order to ensure that the project looks exactly as it has been designed.

·       Manufacturers: Our services help the manufacturers show off their products in three dimensions even before it gets manufactured.

·        Architect: Most architects use the service in order to help them explain their design to others.

Interior Designers: Interior designers use rendering services to give design options to their clients. This helps them gain the client’s trust and get approvals