PUBG Restaurant

Well, we all addictive to this particular game called PUBG and as Designer, it’s one regular effort to design an attractive piece of art which attracts a lot.

let’s get to the mood board when we started this project we have already collected most of the inputs from our client and most of them are already part of the game so the challenge was to make something out of the box but it should have a touch of GAME (PUBG), we come across with lots of ideas and its really difficult to choose which one would be best for it , so at last we created a mood board on the theme of game as survival, rough, damage, etc.

textures and lighting are two most important things of an interior they create the ambiance of an interior and they complement each other if they placed in the right way, this was a serious question among the team, so far we come to this orange and black color combination which always compliments and a litle bit of off white color.

at last, when things run as you planned them, they always make things beautiful and creative, the journey of a restaurant starts with an elegant ambiance,

it feels immensely happy when others appreciate and praises your design.

one more story of design is come to alive …

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