How do we design a small bathroom?

Designing a smaller bathroom is always harder than larger spaces, but this should not prevent homeowners from experimenting with high quality bathroom design. Small bathroom ideas include the clever use of lighting and colour that will make smaller spaces as welcoming and give the impression of space. Arranging bathroom items smartly can also make smaller bathrooms easy to use. For example, the bath and shower can be combined, while a corner sink can be installed. Using the right bathroom tile ideas can also be a great way to make the most of a small space, as reflective ceramic tiles can make the room seem much brighter. It needs imagination and hard work but designing a small bathroom is not a Herculean task.

What colors should we use in a bathroom?

Colour is vital when styling the perfect bathroom. Using the right color scheme, you can make your bathroom a pleasant place. Dark colour tones such as red and blue can add a luxurious feel and are advised to use in bigger bathrooms, whereas lighter tones are better for smaller bathrooms. The lighter colors makes the bathroom feel less cramped and congested. Also children tend be be at ease with pastel tones and lighter colors around them, so choose your bathroom color wisely.

What do we consider when selecting bathroom lighting?

While considering bathroom lighting, the size of the bathroom is very important. A bathroom with less space to work is trickier to light. Smaller spaces will feel much brighter and welcoming with strategically placed lights, which can be inlaid into mirrors or cabinets, while ceiling mounted lighting is an excellent option for bigger bathrooms.