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    According to the concept, PUB is supposed to be a kind of oasis in a hot and bustling city – that’s why we decided that there should be a lot of greenery. Since the restaurant turns into a lounge bar in the evening, both daytime and nighttime lighting scenarios are provided. During the day, space should be well lit, even in cloudy weather, so that visitors can work comfortably, read, take photographs, and also so that the interior does not look gray and gloomy. While in the evening illumination creates pleasant, cozy and warm twilight.

    Designing your dining room begins with the basics. Who will be using the room, and how large is space? If you need to maximize the amount of people seated at one time, then go for benches along the walls (or consider a fold-down table in very small spaces). Think about the colour as well. A dining room needs to be inviting, relaxing, and as delicious to look at and spend time in as the food being served. Bold, rich colors can work well, but lighter, more subdued tones are equally suitable, depending on the mood to be created. Try to make the dining room accessible as well. Dishes need to be brought in and taken out, while guests will need to move around. The ideal design will be a seductive blend of comfort and style.


    Ar. Jeff Truex
    Senior Architect, Middleton, USA

    As an Architect I could only imagine the final outlook of my plan but 3Dafford really helps to fill the missing blocks in my plan by providing by 3d rendering services.

    Chinni Sharma

    Work done by Designing team  and architect is commendable ,Especially creative aspect of turning PUBG game in to cafe is very unique,These guys have taken care of every bit of cafe even the washroom,I personally never seen this kind of creativity as of now.

    Rafe Dourte
    Architect, New Jersey,USA

    one of the best 3D rendering services and design studio , in true way to showcase virtual spaces with different moods,efficiently sells property rapidly.

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